Unlocking the potential of unbanked communities

What is the problem?

Saving up and being able to borrow money to invest in one’s future or get through tough times are critical factors to overcoming poverty. However, every second adult in the world does not have access to formal financial services for saving or borrowing.

JamiiPay is taking part in closing this gap and we are starting in Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s economy is booming but 25 million live in poverty and 80 million do not have access to banks or mobile money, out of a total of 102 million citizens.

0 billion
of worlds 18+ population is financially underserved

Our mission is to empower people with big dreams in need of financial support by increasing access to loans. 

How JamiiPay works

We have deep respect for the strong existing social structures among the unbanked communities.​
We aspire to leverage these. That is why savings groups in Ethiopia are our focal point. ​

In JamiiPay, we are developing our service to offer savings groups a way to capture important data from their meetings. ​
We will use this data to find affordable loans for the group.​

JamiiPay is a service developed with and for the unbanked communities. We provide opportunities for saving in a stable currency, with low cost transactions, free payments, and access to loans.


Send  and  receive  money  for a small fee  whilst  making  payments  for  free.


Open an account even if you do not own a phone or have a formal ID


Get access to group loans and build credit history for future personal loans

Use Case

This is Gifty. She is 32 and lives in Accra, Ghana. She cooks banana chips for a small shop nearby. She has four kids and is struggling to pay tuition. 

Gifty has discovered that she can buy an electrical cooker for 200 Cedi (60 USD). The cooker will allow her to make 10 times the amount of banana chips. 

As a financially underserved person not transacting digitally and with no fixed income, Gifty is not creating a credit history in any way. She therefore has no access to a loan.

Through using JamiiPay, Gifty can mobilise her community to start saving and loaning with each other today whilst also building her credit history for personal loans.

With access to loans Gifty becomes increasingly financially mobile. She can invest in her business which allows for her to generate a stable income and reduce the risk of falling into poverty.

The JamiiPay Team

The Roadmap

Aug 2018


Acceptance to incubator program. 2nd runner up for Finclusion competion
Sep 2018


Establishing ApS. Applying for Innobooster. Customer Research Ghana.
Oct 2018


Customer research Uganda (Jumbe) / Ethiopia & Kenya. Prototyping. Raising soft-money.
Nov 2018


Testing prototype in Ghana. Raising seed capital.
Feb 2019


Closing pre-seed round.
Mar 2019


Minimum Viable Product ready for testing.
Apr 2019


Test of Minimum Viable Product in Ghana & Ethiopia.
Jun 2019

Inital Release

First release of product
Oct 2019

Second Release

Second release of product
Jun 2020

Series A

Closing financing round.


Want to find out more about JamiiPay and its mission? Contact us!

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+45 3033 6601


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