How to do a share out meeting

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1.Create a share out meeting

Click on “create new meeting”, and choose “Share out meeting”. The first thing you will do when opening a share out meeting is to count the money in the box, and enter the box amount in the app. Now you can proceed with the meeting. Note that social fund is not registered in JamiiPay app.

2. Register attendance

You can register all the attending members by checking them off in a list. The members that are not attending will not be able to register shares.

3. Register shares

As for normal meetings, you can register up to 5 shares per member. Only members that are “attending”, can register shares.

4. Loan repayment

All members that have outstanding loans, are listed. All loans need to be repaid in order to do the Share out.

5. Share out

You are now ready to do the share out. All members are listed with their shares and how much the share value will calculate into. By clicking “End cycle“ all shares will be withdrawn from your members digital passbooks, and you will end the cycle. No more meetings can be added to this cycle.

6. Enter box amount

When the cycle has ended, the box should be empty, but in some cases you might have some extra money that is left after the share out. This can be kept in the box.

7. Deposit shares to next cycle

After the shareout, the cycle is closed, Now the members that want to deposit shares to the next cycle. This can be registered and will be the start of the new cycle.



Frequently asked questions

When can I do a share out meeting?
In the jamiipay app, a share out meeting can be made whenever you decide upon it in the group.

How can I deposit shares to the next cycle?
If members want to deposit shares to the next cycle, they can do so


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