How to use jamiipay in meetings


Create a new meeting

Click on “create new meeting”, and choose “Normal meeting”. The first thing you will do when opening a meeting is to count the money in the box, and enter the box amount in the app. Now you can proceed with the meeting. Note that social fund is not registered in JamiiPay app.

Register attendance

You can register all the attending members by checking them off in a list. The members that are not attending will not be able to register shares.

Register shares

At a normal meeting, you can register up to 5 shares per member. Only members that are “attending”, can register shares.


Loan repayment

All members that have loans, are listed with the next payment. The screen will show a downpayment suggestion of 3 months, but the members can make a repayment of any amount, at at any time, according to the group rules.


New loans

You can register loans in a meeting, as long as there are funds in the box and the member is attending. The recommended loan limit of 3x shares is shown, but you can enter the loan amount that you agree upon in the group. Loan terms is also pre-defined to be 3 months.

Late fee

The late fee is registered as one collected amount

Box balance

At the end of the meeting, the box balance has to be reviewed and approved. The page lists all the activities of deposits and withdrawals during the meeting - shares, loans paid, loans taken, late fee.



Frequently asked questions

How can I do a double meeting?
If you are doing 2 meetings at once (due to ie public holidays), you can choose to create a “double meeting”, instead of a “normal meeting”, that allows you to register more than 5 shares.

How do I do a share out meeting?
If you are doing a share out meeting, you can choose to create a “Share out meeting”, instead of a “normal meeting”, that allows you to do share out. This meeting is a bit different and will close the cycle.

What if a member is not attending, but has given the money to another member to buy shares?
In this case, you need to be registered the member as “attending”, to make sure that you can register shares for this member. If the member is registered as not attending, they will not be able to register shares.

What if a member wants to withdraw shares?
If a group member for some reason wants or need to withdraw shares, and it has been agreed in the group, this can be done by clicking on the round menu in the right bottom corner on the meeting overview. Here you can register a withdrawl on a group member, and give a reason for the withdrawal.

What if a member is not able to pay the loan?
If a member is unable to pay a loan, and you have agreed in the group that the loan should be eliminated, you can register this in the loan section of the meeting, by choosing the loan that need to be defaulted.

What if we have group expenses?
If your group uses Expenses, you can register this under the round menu in the right bottom corner on the meeting overview. Here you can choose “Group expenses” to register expenses with a comment on what the expense is about, so that you have a record of all group expenses.

What if the box balance is wrong? 
If you experience that the box balance at the end of a meeting is different than the box balance in your ledger, it can mean that
there has been a mistake in the registration of shares, loans or late fee. The calculated amount in the app is correct, if the registered numbers are correct.

What if I need to make a correction to something I registered in a previous meeting?
You can not edit meetings that has been closed.


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