How to get started


Download Jamiipay Group app

The JamiiPay group app is available in Google Play on all android devices.
If you haven't already, set up a Google account:

  1. Open your device's Settings app.

  2. Tap Accounts Add account Google.

  3. Follow the instructions to add your account

  4. Get Google Play here

  5. Download jamiipay Group app on Google Play

Create a profile

You start by registering a Jamiipay profile (an account) for yourself. You can choose to use either a phone number, email address or user name for your login credentials. You also choose a password and 4 digit pincode, that you can use for logging in.

  1. Open an account using your phone number, e-mail address or just using a unique username

  2. Enter a minimum of six-digit password 

  3. Register your name and your father's name

  4. Register and edit your personal information

Create a group

Start by creating your group by providing the group info:

  1. Register the name of your saving group

  2. Register the cycle number of your saving group

  3. Register the name of the organization that formed your saving group

  4. Register the share value of your saving group

  5. Register the loan service charge

  6. Register the meeting date your saving group 

  7. Register how frequently your saving group meets

    Now the group is created, and you can start adding members

Add group members

You can add members to the group. By adding members, you are creating unique profiles (accounts) for them, that they can use to login and view their own passbooks and the group ledgers. Each group member is registered with this information:

  1. Register the mobile phone number, e-mail address, or unique name of your saving group member

  2. Register the name and fathers name of each saving group member

  3. Register their sex, language preference

  4. Register group number and group role(s)

Register the baseline

You can start using the JamiiPay group app any time during the cycle, so the first thing you have to do, is to register the current amount of shares and loans per member. This way you make sure that the figures in the app match the figures in the ledgers.

  1. Open a meeting

  2. Register the shares bought by each member in your saving group

  3. Register the loan taken by each member

  4. Register the total fees collected by the group

    After this, you can start registering group meetings.


Frequently asked questions

How do I remove a member from the group? You can remove a member from choosing the member in the members list. By removing the member, you also withdraw the shares.

Can a member join a group in the middel of a cycle? Yes, if this is allowed in your group, you can add members at any time.

What if I make a mistake in the group creation?
You can always edit the group info. However, once a cycle has started, you can not edit the share value.