Early user validation in Ghana


Getting input and insights from real people is the most important part of developing a digital product. Follow Jamiipay on our quest to test our prototype in Ghana.

In November 2018 Jamiipay went to the greater Accra region in Ghana to test a first minimal viable version of a digital solution with village savings and loans groups (VSLAs). This first version of the product was designed and developed in the course of only 1 month, and forced us to focus on the core value proposition.

This early testing yielded great success and we came home with valuable insights that informed our further design of the product. We received great feedback for the value proposition and the need for more loans. Some of our key findings included:

  • People want easy access to loans, meaning quick, hassle free & low interest rate

  • People generally want loans for their business or for education

  • People want a safe place to save their money for the future

  • The men were more concerned about bigger loans whereas women cared more about safe savings

  • People think that they will benefit from convenient savings and loans


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