Building Jamiipay with our customers


Understanding our customers needs has a prime importance at Jamiipay. As a result, we have been continuously bringing the customers’ rich knowledge and experience into the app development process co-creating a platform that is truly customer-centric.


We have been able to do this in Ethiopia through our local partner Hiwot Integrated Development Organisation (HIDO), an NGO that works with more than 100 Village Savings and Loan Groups (VSLAs) in Addis Ababa.

For the first phase, Jamiipay together with HIDO, selected five savings groups which are supported by four village agents. A village agent is a trained volunteer that lives in the same village as a savings group and assists the NGO by providing support to the savings group when needed.

User co-creation

Our local partner NGO’s expertise, the village agents knowledge and savings group members experiences is the base from which Jamiipay develops its app and services. Apart from this rich knowledge base, it is also important that we ourselves keep being present during savings group meetings to observe, reflect and bridge the remaining knowledge gap that exists. This allowes us to build a closer relation with savings groups, understand the social bond and value the members experience in a savings group.

On boarding village Agents

Early April 2019, Jamiipay trained four village agents that manage 5 savings groups, which have 113 members in total. The training session introduced the village agents to our platform. Even though the digital platform is new for them, registering data during a savings group meeting is a process they are well familiar with.

We were able to get feedback immediately and the co-creation process started during the training. Through constant communication with the village agents we were able to improve the app before the agents used it in a savings group meeting for the first time.

World class technology is coming to our village, to our saving groups. I am extremely happy that we get the chance to be part of this and that such technology is designed specifically for our need!
— Fatae, Village agent of Selam Saving Group

Transitioning to digital registration

After the training, the village agents soon were able to use the app by themselves, to register activities during a savings group meeting. This was done without the assistance of Jamiipay and was a positive indication that the product is easy to use, and customized to the need of the users. Further feedback sessions were held after each village agent used the app during a meeting to examine what they see as missing and what can be improved.

Trust in the co-creation process

The fact that the village agents are continually seeing their feedback being incorporated into the platform, increase their confidence as being a co-creator and increased their trust in the co-creation process.


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